Ghash Phool School ( ঘাসফুল শিশু নিকেতন) is a charity school for poor children who do not have the means to access education. A group of volunteers strive to offer the kids a chance at a good life.

The school operates in the Mymensingh area of Bangladesh. They strive to provide care and education to children who grow up in extreme poverty.

The monthly operating cost for this school is approximately $125. We encourage you to make a one-time or monthly donation to help them raise this amount. This donation will help keep the children from going down the dark path of drugs, violence, and prostitution.

All donations made through Batayon Foundation is tax-deductible. The organization does not charge any processing fees. Every cent you donate (minus the credit card processing fee, if applicable) will go towards the project. We encourage you to consult your employer about donation-matching programs. You can either donate via this outlet, or donate via PayPal to