Shopno Nogor School (স্বপ্ননগর বিদ্যা নিকেতন) is a community school located in a remote part of Bangladesh. The school provides the light of education to a community outcast by mainstream society.

The school started under open air, but has slowly grown to a one-room building. The room is too crowded to hold all the students from all grades. They are in desperate need to add another room to the school before the next monsoon season.

This fund-raising drive aims to raise $2,000 by March 2015 so that constructed can be started in time. We urge you to make a donation of $20 or some multiple of it.

All donations made through Batayon Foundation is tax-deductible. The organization does not charge any processing fees. Every cent you donate (minus the credit card processing fee, if applicable) will go towards the project. We encourage you to consult your employer about donation-matching programs. You can either donate via this outlet, or donate via PayPal to